Technical Assitance and Market Development

The role of our technical service is to assist our clients and to turn developable ideas into market products. Each client that contacts Petrocuyo for sharing concerns finds not only the best predisposition and professionalism but also technology with the highest level of capacity at their service.

For that reason, Petrocuyo implements a policy that focuses on the client’s interests. Therefore, it assigns human and capital resources for research and technological development purposes. In this way, Petrocuyo is able to identify new applications and products that meets the clients needs.


Our Analytical Laboratory has cutting-edge equipment, which carries out the control and certification of our production process. In addition, our Development Laboratory with necessary equipment allows for the reproduction and assessment of the different transformation processes. Thus, it is possible to simulate and improve the conditions under which our products are processed and innovate in new materials to satisfy new challenges.

Our staff is always updated due to the continuous interaction with our technologist (Lummus Novolen Technology GmbH) and thanks to the its constant training, which enables us to be the leading company in the development of high complexity products (Cuyotec Line) in the region.

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