About Us

Petrocuyo is the result of the merger of Petroquímica Cuyo and Petroken, companies with more than 30 years experience and internationally and locally wellknown.
Thus, it is settled an Argentinean company which from the very beginning has been operating strengthened by technological and human synergies.

Petrocuyo offers a complete range of polypropylenes: homopolymers, impact and random copolymers, special polyolefins and PP compounds.
The production plants are located in Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza Province, and in Ensenada, Buenos Aires. 

The sole polypropilene producer in Argentina and the second largest in the Mercosur area.

Taking into account its productive processes, Petrocuyo operates with Novolen Technologies in its gas phase and with LIPP in its liquid phase. Renewed Technical Assistance Agreements with Lummus Novolen Technology Gmbh (PP) and Basell Poliolefine Italia SRL (PP and PP Compounds) guarantee up-to-date technology.
Petrocuyo, a new company, an experienced member of the Polypropylene market.