Mission, Goals & Values

Our mission

Our mission is to lead the petrochemical regional industry while being renowned for its dynamic and innovative management, which creates values for its shareholders, clients, employees and community.

Our goals

Our goal is to become a competitive, agile and profitable company whose experience and reliability boost the achievement and development of new projects.

Our Values

  • Integrity in the form of honest, sincere, fair and reliable behaviors.
  • Professionalism thoughout the business and practices implemented, focusing on our inspiring commitment and passion for our work.
  • People development providing training oportunities for professional and personal growth while showing respect and appreciation for our colleague’s capabilities.
  • Safety, respect and protection of the life and health of the people, environment and communities where we run business.
  • Quality thoughout all the management process within the framework of excellence and our commitment to constantly improve them.
  • Teamwork as the driving force of innovation, common understanding, decision making, fulfillment of final results, integration to new scenarios and acquisition of key experiences for growth.

We aim at growing in the country and region by increasing the amount of installed capacities of our production plants and the development of new products that may offer innovative and sustainable solutions for our clientes. Moreover, we seek for a reliable management with highly qualified professionals thoughout our value chain, by joining efforts with our clients in order to develop new solutions.

We will bet on the growth and development of new alternatives for the supply of basic raw material necessary to produce polypropylene. Therefore, we will support the forseen investments in Argentina, mainly in Vaca Muerta as a generating source of non-conventional gas essential to obtain polypropylene.