PP compounds are used mainly in the production of automobile industry parts and for industrial applications.

Technical considerations are a priority, with a higher or lower degree of rigidity or ductility together with some aesthetic demands of color, texture and surface gloss.

They are used for different parts in the automobile industry (see applications) since their low weight together with their excellent mechanical and aesthetic properties have aided the decrease of weight in vehicles and, then, the energy efficiency was also improved. New developments allow special PP compounds to have a very low rigidity, meeting applications that combine ductility demands and great softness when touched.

Some examples of applications:
• Bumpers
• Door panels
• Instrument panels
• Parts under the car hood, conditioning components.
• Dashboards, under seat, pillars and body side moldings.

We provide with our products to all the automobiles terminals with local production, based in the country.

The industrial applications may be: household appliances parts, plastic parts for the construction industry, pipe coating of oil pipes, furniture or decorative items.