Our background

The petrochemical industry is considerably evolving worldwide. A significant proportion of it belongs to thermoplastic polymers which may be found on different products of daily life.

The thermoplastics we produce and market are used as supplies by a large number of industries manufacturing products such as: rigid and flexible containers, construction related products, automotive parts, textile, appliances, cleaning and household products, furniture, health related products, disposable goods, toys and so on.

Our products line has been evolving. Because of that, we adapt to the needs and tendencies of the market, fostering a modern service in all its variants. Since 1989, Petrocuyo, through Petroquímica Cuyo, has incorporated the capacity to produce block and random copolymers in addition to the homopolymers production. In 1990, Petroken would start producing homopolymers.

In 2001 under the trademark Cuyotec, we launched a new special polypropylene line able to provide suitable material for the production of thermally fused cold and hot water pipelines. Nowadays, our comercial portfolio is broad and ready to satisfy the needs of a competitive world. We supply polypropylene for various industries: raffia for agribusiness, non-woven fibre in multi-purpose bags, healthcare wear, diapers, mattresses, Biaxially Oriented (BOPP) film for food packaging, pipes for the construction business, caps for drinks in general and for cosmetics, appliances, automobile industry components, airtight containers for household use, buckets for paint and food in general (olives, icecreams, so on), among others.


From commodities to specialities...

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